Are you looking for the best freelance jobs with high pay so that you can save more and not have to worry about paying your bills? Then this article is exactly for you.

Even if you are tired of the office lifestyle and the daily commute from home to work, these article on the best freelance jobs websites should get you started on your journey to becoming a freelancer.

The benefits of working remotely are unmatched. Remote work translates to flexibility, autonomy, and often less time on the clock. However, not all work from home jobs are created equal. If you’re just getting started, it can be challenging to find a high paying one. Here is a comprehensive overview of high paying remote jobs that offer the standard benefits of working remotely as well as high pay.
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Although it takes some time to build a freelance business and then start earning a sizable income, nothing is stopping you from starting right now.

Check my extensive list on the best freelance jobs websites which are also separated into categories for easy access.



Freelance jobs website - Flexjobs

Flexjobs is one of the best ways to find a remote and flexible job as a freelancer. On the website, you can access hand screened, part-time, freelance jobs quickly and with ease.

No matter your work situation, there is an always an option for you.

Why Flexjobs?

  • The biggest, best site for curated remote and flexible jobs
  • Excellent resources for job search
  • Flexjobs members have access to special saving & deals.
  • 10+ years track record of helping people find jobs
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Leverage information on the research done on over 40,000 organizations who hire remotely.

Click here to check out Flexjobs.



With Solidgigs you get the best freelance jobs available, handpicked and emailed directly to you every day.

They keep you in touch with some of the best companies to work remotely with.

Why Solidgigs?

  • Send alerts daily on the best jobs available saving you hours of job hunting each week.
  • Offer courses and tools on topics such as pitching, sales, pricing, client acquisition, and charging what you’re worth.
  • They have an enormous library that contains interviews, templates, scripts and other tools to help you succeed as a freelancer.
  • You get to use the service for $19/mo after their $2 30 day trial.

Click here to check out Solidgigs.



Fiverr is for both individuals who are looking for freelance services and those that are looking for job opportunities.

The name of the site is gotten from the way the site is built: every job on the site start with a price range of $5. The money might sound small, but you can build your price above the base option during negotiations and as you gather more experience.

For new freelancers, Fiverr is also a good way to build your portfolio.

Click here to check out Fiverr.


Freelance jobs websites Cloudpeeps

If you are a talented and independent professional looking for freelance opportunity, Cloudpeeps is a good place to get started.

The freelance job website is a member-driven community of trusted freelancers that comes also with a freelance business management system.

Trusted by over 20,000 clients in over 150 countries.

No matter your skill – ranging from social, content, SEO, paid ads, public relations, copywriting, design, etc. – there is always a job you can do.

There also have one of the best freelance rates on the market. Example of some of their rates.

Hourly Rates

  • Social media & content creators: $30-50/hour
  • Marketers: $50-75/hour
  • Designers: $60-80/hour

Fixed Rates

  • Virtual Assistants: From $250/month
  • Social Media Managers: From $300/month
  • Content Marketers: From $500/month

One-off charge per job

  • Blog Posts: $100/post
  • PR & Promotion: From $500
  • Web Design & Development: From $1000 for new Peep and from $10,000 for Pro Peep.

Click here to check out Cloudpeeps.



IndeedIndeed is ranked as the #1 job site platform in the world. It receives over 250 million visitors every month and is available in more than 60 countries and in 28 languages.

Why Indeed?

  • Access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards
  • Leading pay-for-performance recruitment advertising network
  • Allows you to post your resume to the platform so that employers can find it
  • Provides important information like salary research for several companies.

Click here to check out Indeed

  1. College Recruiter

College Recruiter

College recruiter works best if you are still a college student or a recent graduate. The websites helps students and recent graduates find amazing part-time, seasonal, internship, or entry-level job opportunities.

The websites also offers the following:

  • Job search advice
  • Articles, blogs and videos to help you in your job search
  • Resume builder.

Click here to join College Recruiter



In this site, you would find thousands of jobs you can choose from. Some of the jobs comes in an hourly format and some as contests.

The only downside to these freelance job website is that you get to apply for up to 8 times only with the free account before you would have to pay a membership fee.

The project fees also vary – it can be anywhere between $3-5 or 3.5%.

Click here to join Freelancer


Freelance jobs website Upwork

Upwork is trusted and used by over 5M+ businesses. They have a wide variety of categories that freelancers can apply for. Anything ranging from Web, Mobile & Software Dev to Sales & Marketing.

Their work timeline is divided into three categories:

  • Short-term tasks
  • Recurring projects
  • Full-time contract work.

All you have to do as a freelancer is to apply for jobs using a proposal and make your price bid. If the client likes your proposal, you are given the job.

Upwork also has tools that allows you to chat, video call, share files and track project directly from the site on your desktop or mobile.

Click here to join Upwork

  1. GURU


Guru makes it easy for freelancers to create their profile and makes it very easy for potential employers to contact them.

The site has over 3 million members and over 1 million jobs. They have also paid freelancers a total of 250,000,000 dollars.

They have several payment plans:

  • Pay by Milestones
  • Pay by Task
  • Pay by the Hour
  • Pay Using Recurring Project

They also have a secured payment platform and the freelancers are paid via PayPal.

Click here to join Guru



If you are an editor, translator, graphic designer or writer, ServiceScape is the right platform for you.

With over 274,000 projects completed and 82,000+ registered clients, it is very suitable for you to showcase your skills and get paid.

The company works great with start-ups and small businesses. If you have the skill, you can apply for some of their projects to get started.

Click here to join ServiceScape.

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Craigslist jobs

When you hear Craigslist, you think it is just where you go to sell antiques and that dresser that you don’t need anymore. Craigslist has an amazing job section where you can source for freelance jobs also.

TIP: Note that unlike other freelance jobs websites that would guarantee your security and ensure that you get paid, Craigslist would not do this. It is beneficial that you set up a contract or meet up with the person before you accept to do any job.

A hack that you could try out is go to remote jobs then check for corresponding Craigslist for major cities and search for remote work that way.

Click here to try our Craigslist


we work remotely freelance jobs

This website offers freelancers a huge list of job boards, platforms and marketplaces that would give them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. The jobs on this site are not restricted by commutes or a particular geographical area.

The jobs on the website are differentiated by category:

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Programing
  • Customer support
  • DevOps and sysadmin
  • Copywriting
  • Business/exec and management

Click here to check out We Work Remotely


This site is home to some of the best freelance talents in the world.

You have to be invited before you can get to work on the platform. So as a freelancer you have to build your portfolio before you can be accepted here (Less than 5% of applications are approved).

Joining the site comes with significant benefits as there are no contracts to sign and no commission on bookings. They also have some of the best commission rates available.

You can also chat, email or call your clients directly from the app.

Click here to join Onsite.

  1. FOLYO job design website

This platform connects freelancers to thousands of clients through few minutes of outreach every day. To join their referral newsletter, you would have to a pay a subscriber fee of $79.00 every 30 days.

The site goes through places like job boards, Hacker News and AngelList to find high value work and great clients for their subscribers.

If you don’t like their service, the money is refundable.

Click here to join Folyo.


This is a crowdsourcing platform that was created by Amazon. They link in-demand freelancers with businesses and individuals who are looking to get their project done virtually.

The site is available globally and you can work anytime as the hours are very flexible.

The platform connects clients and freelancer via a flexible user interface or direct integration via a simple API.

Click here to join MTurk.


Freelance jobs website - The Muse

The Muse is a New York based online career platform that was founded in 2011 by Kathryn Minshew, Alexandra Cavoulacos, and Melissa McCreery. They help freelancers find the best companies that are hiring around them.

The platform also offers a variety of services other than helping you find your dream job. These services include:

  • Courses and Coaches (Career QnA sessions, Networking Strategy, Leadership Coaching, Negotiation Coaching)
  • Career advice

In the platform, you would find all you need to succeed as a freelancer.

Click here to join The Muse.


skip the drive

On the platform you would be able to search for telecommuting, remote, online and work-from-home jobs that ranges from part-time jobs to full-time jobs.

The platform is also free for all job seekers.

SKipTheDrive simplifies the job search process by using filters that only display highly relevant job results.

The job opportunities you get on the website ranges from customer service to software management and many more.

Click here to join SkipTheDrive


Virtual vocations

The sites comes with a search page where you can find thousands of telecommute, online, remote and work-from-jobs and it is available to entry level job seekers and professionals.

The website has over 50 career categories and is sure to fit your lifestyle and career goals.

Before any job opportunity is sent to their database, it undergoes a proper review and screening process by the staffs of the platform to ensure the safety of the freelancers.

Check out Virtual Vocations.


working nomads

Find the best job opportunities for digital working nomads. You can choose to work remotely from home or just about anywhere in the world. If you are looking to start your remote working career, you should try out this platform.

Click to subscribe to Working Nomads



They offer their subscribers a daily dose of thousands of hand-picked remote jobs. They connect their remote workers to job opportunities via a job board, community and a newsletter.

The platform offers opportunities in various categories. They range from software dev, customer support, design, marketing/sales, products and many more.

Click here to join Remotive

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PeoplePerHour job site

This is a UK based company and online platform whose main priority is connecting businesses to freelance workers. The service is trusted by over 750, 832 businesses and has paid over 106 million euros to freelancers.

There is a job opportunity for every skill imaginable.

The prices on the site are usually fixed and you can earn up to 10 euros and higher on the site.

The site comes with an anti-fraud protection system that protects both the client and the freelancer. The money agreed upon is placed in an escrow until both parties are happy with the completion of the project.

Click here to join PeoplePerHour


Freelance websites

This platform connects freelancers to clients looking for their services in London.

The payments are all handled by YunoJuno, so you can be sure of getting paid after you complete the project.

You have complete control over your availability, negotiate your own rate and manage your freelance work remotely.

You can have your conversations right on the YunoJuno platform.

Click here to join YunoJuno


websites for freelancers

Are you an expert in a particular field, you can get paid to answer questions professionally on the question and answer site.

There are over 11 thousand experts on the site and over 16 million questions answered.

Click here to try Just Answer

  1. KROP

websites for freelancers

Krop is a visually appealing website that connects creatives to companies looking for their services.

The site also assist you in building your portfolio and resume with easy to use and beautiful templates.

The site is suited mostly for creatives and tech related freelancers.

They offer a free trial that you can use to build your portfolio and find jobs.

Click here to join Krop


This site uses location based technology to find you the closest jobs to you.

You search for jobs that are closest to you based on your latitutde and longitude.

There are hundreds of jobs being uploaded on the platform every day. It is a good place to kick off your freelance career.

They also have a chat area where freelancers can chat with each other in real time.

Click here to join Mefi Jobs


Aquent is a creative staffing agency that find jobs for creative marketers and talented freelancers.

If you are a freelancer in the marketing and creative industry, Aquent is a good place to check out. They help freelancers find temporary jobs in these industries.

They are one of the largest marketing/creative staffing firms in the US according to Staffing Industry Analysts.

Click here to join Aquent.

  1. PROJECT4HIRE is a worldwide Freelance Marketplace that allows clients to post projects and contractors to bid to work on those projects.

At the time of my writing this article, there are over 15,000 job offers available on the website.

You would have to pay a 5% project fee at the beginning of every project but if the clients does not continue with the project, your money would be refunded.

Project4Hire offers freelancers the opportunity to earn an income working from home from paid gigs.

Click here to join Project4Hire.


This is the number one online platform for micro jobs. It is perfect for freelancers and contractors who are looking for ways to get paid from their skills and talent. There are several categories on the platform that you can check out.

Click here to join Damongo


Linkedin has a platform that helps companies hire top local freelancers to help finish their projects.

The platform also offers certain services to freelancers. Such as:

  • Career coaching
  • Reviewing your resume and LinkedIn Profile
  • Professional headshot and photography
  • Assists in interview preparation
  • You also get free advice from professionals through their blog.

Click here to join LinkedIn Profinder.

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Contena is a freelance platform that focuses on remote work only.  What this means is that you can enjoy Contena anywhere in the world.

Why Cotena?

  • Help you find companies and the details of companies and publications to offer your writing.
  • They help you review your portfolio
  • They have a board of wins where members post positive comments about their freelance experience.
  • They recently launched their own community.

They also have a membership payment plan of $500USD, basic 12 months and $700USD, 24 months, which includes Contena coaching.

Click here to join Contena.


This website curates a list of job opportunities on their job boards from Monday to Friday.

They also offer freelance tips that would help advance your career.

They also have tools such as a writing resource center, writing resources, job hunting tips and a free word count tracking system.

Click here to join freelance writing gigs


The Job Board on this site is updated daily with fresh paid blogging jobs, blog writing jobs, freelance writing jobs and more.

They search for the jobs for you and all you have to do is apply for them.

The best part of the website is that it is totally free.  All you have to do is to subscribe to their newsletter and get everyday job alerts in your email.

Click here to join Blogging Pro.


Freelance jobs websites for writers

This is the top job board for freelancers. They curate the best jobs around the web for freelancers.

Subscribing to the site allows you to get job alerts and you can post your resume on the site.

Click here to join journalism jobs.


Morning coffee newsletter

When you subscribe to their newsletter, you get the latest updates on the best freelance jobs available straight to your inbox. It’s free and is a great way to find job opportunities without stress.

Check out Morning Coffee Newsletter


Freelance writing

An excellent source on writing jobs for freelancers all over the world. It is easy to use their filter to search for the jobs that suits you and according to your experience.

They also have free eBooks for writers and authors.

Check out freelance writers.


All Indie writing job board

On this platform, you can easily find freelance writing jobs according to dates and pay ranges.

The websites is free to use and very responsive. They make it easy for you to search the clients available via their budgets.

You can link it your Feedly account to get easy updates.

Check out All Indie Writing


Freedom with writing

The moment you sign up to freedom with writing, they send you 3 companies you can apply for immediately.

After signing up, they continue to send you alerts of writing opportunities. You can submit to write for them and get paid handsomely.

They pay handsomely but you would have to submit a really good pitch before they accept you.

If you think you have an idea that they like, send them a pitch. While waiting for their reply, you can check their newsletter.

Check out Freedom with Writing


They have a lot of categories you can choose from. If you subscribe to the unlimited plan, you get access to the following things:

  • Expert Led Online Courses
  • Ask an Instructor Access
  • Freelance Pitching Resources
  • Resume & LinkedIn Services
  • Freelance Connect Portfolio Showcase
  • Exclusive Webinars & Expert Chats
  • Partner Perks & Deals

Click here to join Media Bistro


This is a service that helps you find and secure free blogging jobs in less time.

How paid jobs work

  • They find the listings for you.
  • They find the listings for you can’t even find for yourself.
  • Help you accurately evaluate job listings.
  • They provide comprehensive pitching guides.
  • They also help you create the right payment plan.

Click to join Paid to Blog

  1. DUE

This site is created predominantly for technical writers. Some of the most popular topics on the website includes payments, invoice, block chain, digital wallet, banking, credit cards and invoice.

They have a set of rules and guidelines you have to follow before you can join the website.

You get exposure to their millions of the readers on websites.

They also partner with big brands like Mashable, Entrepreneur, NADSAQ, AOL, and countless other publications.

Click to join Due


Publoft is an amazing platform for writers. With these site, you do not have to bother about interacting with the client.  Publoft would locate the client on your behalf and all you have to do is write.

Why should you choose Publoft?

  • Work finds you instead of you looking for work
  • Biweekly payouts
  • Editor support
  • You get paid more the longer you work with Publoft.

Click here to check out Publoft.


Contently is one of the best ways to maintain an active, creative freelance career. The platform gives you the opportunity to work with the best clients and on high-quality projects that pay well.

You can pitch ideas, submit work and collect your payment all in one place through the contently platform.

You receive a free portfolio setup when you subscribe with contently.

Check out Contently.


Online writing jobs

This platform curates some of the best freelance jobs for active freelance writers. The categories ranges from freelance writing, blogging, copy editing, proofreading, technical writing and many more.

They offer a variety of work types also: contract work, freelance work, offsite work, remote work, telecommute work, virtual work and work from home.

Click here to join Online Writing Jobs


Daily Post is a freelance marketing agency that deals mainly in marketing copy service. If you are a copy writer that can deliver on anything from landing pages, articles and other types of copy, you can check out these site.

They recruit talent to produce quality and high converting copy for their clients. They use of a virtual office to deliver copies to their clients within their budgets.

Click to join Daily Posts


This is a job board that shows freelance writing opportunities for writers in Canada. There are annual contest that also held on the platform where you earn money if you come out as the winner.

You find job listings, post gigs and find writers on this platform. A writer profile is also created for you on the website.

Join Canadian Freelance Writing


This website is one of the oldest on this list. It was founded way back in 2005. What textbroker does is connect clients with an author. Whether you write blog posts, product description or outreach campaigns, this site is right for you.

Try Textbroker


If you are an influencer or a creator, this website is a suitable platform for you. Understand that this website is very technological driven. They make use of data-driven influencer marketing, so you need to acquaint yourself with this.

The platform helps business connect with influencers that can boost their businesses.

Click here to check out The Shelf


Find long and short term freelance writing job opportunities on the problogger platform. On the platform you find a curated list of writing positions that are updated regularly.

They also offer blog post, ebooks, courses and resources that helps improve your writing and also get jobs fast.

Check out Problogger Jobs

Want to Start a Blog? You’ll Need to Register a Domain First.

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freelance jobs websites for tutors

This is a teacher’s portal that inspires teachers to teach children English all over China. You can earn up to $22/hour teaching English on the website along with referrals, bonuses and even other opportunities.

The best part of the platform is that the work flexible. You pick the time you would be available to work and essentially become your own boss.

They handle all the technical stuffs like creating the curriculum and all you have to do is teach.

They have over 600,000+ students and over 70,000+ teachers on the website currently.

Click here to join VIPKID


This is one of the best tutoring sites available. They have a variety of categories you can choose from.

  • com For Libraries
  • com For U.S Military
  • com For Higher Education
  • com For Corporate Partners

They accept some of the best tutors in the world. Ranging from Ph.Ds. to doctors, professors and pilots. If you have a skill you specialize in, chances are there is something for you on the site.

Along with normal courses like Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, English, Physics and Chemistry, they also offer Test prep and AP.

Click here to join


Homework tutoring

This is an online student tutorial site that helps high school, college or university students prepare for test, do their homework and general problem solving.

The courses that are handled on the site includes: biology, chemistry, electronics, economics, English, statistics, math, physics and programming.

You can earn up to $20 in an hour working on the site.

Click here to join Homework Tutoring.


This websites accepts both part-time and full-time tutors to help educate students at some of their physical locations and also offer freelance jobs to tutors all over the world.

If there is any subject you have a mastery in, you can check them out. All you need is to send your resume and the required details to If you are qualified for the job, you be contacted by one their representatives via email.

Click this link to see the requirements before you can teach on the site.

  1. TUTOR24

If you love teaching, you can try out Tutor24.

The site makes use of location based technology. When looking for a job, all you have to do is input your location or postal code and you would be given a list of all the tutoring jobs around you. If you see an application you are interested in, you can then apply to get started.

Click to check out Tutor24


The motto of the company is, “Better grades. Higher Scores. Lower Stress.” If you feel like you want students all over the world to enjoy this benefits, try joining revolution prep.

They assist students to excel academically. Millions of students learn ways to prep for tests and maximize their test scores through their online platform. They also make use of personalized instructions, easy scheduling and top-quality tutors.

The hours are flexible and you can to work anywhere, at any time.

Join Revolution Prep


Online tutoring

This an educational learning platform that offers online tutoring and also assist students with their homework regardless of their location.

Some of the most popular topics on the site includes: Number System, Geometry, Analytical Geometry, Discrete Math, etc.

These are the subjects that are also offered on the site: Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Biology and Grammar.

Join TutorVIsta


You can join their team of experienced online tutors and skilled writing tutors anytime you like. The platform assists students whenever they need help and also motivation.

They have over 150 subject areas and are looking for online tutors to help communicate effectively to students in every subject and help them achieve success.

The platform also offers tutors career writing specialists that would assist them in crafting more efficient resumes, provide them with employment materials that would enable them get better jobs.

You would need to have a masters, PhD or an advanced certification along with several years of teaching/tutoring experience before you can join the platform.

Join SmartThinking.


This platform offers various services and you can choose anyone to be a part of.

  • Higher Ed: This category helps improve academic performance as well as increase student retention rate with their research-based tutoring service.
  • Schools: This category assist K-12 students succeed through their online tutoring and test prep program.
  • Career Service: They assists job-seekers also using innovative career and coaching services.

Join Brainfuse


They offer over 400 simulations of interactive math and science simulations for grade 3-12 students. Their simulations assist educators to change how students learn in the classroom.

This platform is not really to get freelance jobs but instead to help you improve your teaching. Helps you as an educator to improve professionally and improve your services to your students.

Check out Explore Learning.


This platform helps students prep for test and improve their test scores. They makes use of tools and curriculum that would fit the specific needs of each child.

You must have a degree in whatever course you are interested in teaching before you can join the platform. You also need some skills and experience also. If you don’t have any of the two, you can find ways to acquire them.

They offer ACT tutoring, PSAT tutoring, SAT tutoring, SSAT tutoring, ISEE tutoring and SAT subject test prep.

Check out Study Point.

  1. CHEGG

This platform works like a question and answer site. The students submit their questions and an expert online tutor is selected to help them answer the questions.

If you know they are certain areas you are specialized in, you can join the platform and start helping students online.

They make use of an online live lesson that includes a virtual whiteboard, text or code editor. There are several options for communication also: text, audio or video.

Join Chegg


This is a UK teaching service with a collection of some of the best online tutors in the country. They offer almost any subject you can think of and also offer 1-on-1 online lesson at any time that it is suitable to both parties involved.

The site is not as congested as other tutorial services and you have a great chance of getting in. They have just 2744 tutors and around 14,159 registered students.

Check out Tutor Hub


To join this online platform, you would have to be a certified teacher. They offer the following subjects: Science, Maths and English. They make use of a digital classroom that is intuitive and fun.

The best part is that you can using a smartphone, tablet or computer. If you have a masters or PhD, you would also get an edge.

There is also an option to become an in person tutor on the platform based on your location.

Join Skooli.

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  1. 99 DESIGNS

This platform is made predominantly for designers. You can do anything from logos, book covers, website design and many more.

The way the system is built is a bit different from other freelance websites. The clients would publish the tasks that they want done.  Freelancers would then submit their works as an application and the client would choose the one they like.

This system comes with a downside. If the client doesn’t choose your own work, you won’t get paid.

The advantage with this site is that it is a perfect way to build your portfolio. It can also be a great source for inspiration.

Check out 99 Designs


This website is not a traditional freelance website. On the platform, freelancers and designers can showcase their work and the clients who like them can then give them job opportunities.

Another advantage is that the website has a high domain authority so your work has a good chance of showing up on Google Search engines. All you have to is to put the appropriate keywords you want to rank for on your project.

No matter you skill level or experience, it is compulsory as designer that you have a balance account.

Join Behance


The site is very similar to Behance. You get to showcase your work to clients and even other freelancers.

An advantage of this site is that you can receive feedback from potential clients and your fellow designers on your work. This feedback is very essential and can help you improve significantly.

You can browse the various categories to see projects by other designers that serve as inspiration.

Join Dribble


Freelance design websites

Do you want to work for a start up?  Angel List is here to make your dreams come true.

They assist you in finding and applying to startup jobs all around the world. Currently there are over 100,000 startup jobs available on the platform.

The best news is that you can privately apply to all 100,000 start-ups with one application when you use their platform.

They help you get closer to getting employed in a startup.

Join Angel List


Are you an artist, illustrator or designer?  Put up your work on art wanted with appropriate keywords that clients can use to find you.

When a client searches for art on the platform and they like one of your projects, they can give you a call.

This platform is a good place for you to connect with your potential clients.

Join Art Wanted.


This is the number #1 custom design marketplace online.

The website is similar to 99 Designs but has lesser freelancers.  What this means for you is lesser competition.

Contests are also held on the website, but the pay is lesser than 99 Designs.

If you are beginner, this site is a good place to start out because of less competition. The lesser the competition, the higher your chances of getting the job.

Join Design Crowd


If you are a logo designer, you should definitely check out Envato Studio as this is their most popular category.

The next popular category is wordpress optimization. They have a suite of themes that is suitable for wordrpress users.

If you are an expert with wordpress, logo making, UI/UX design and similar skills, check out Envato Studio.

Join Envato Studio.


If you are a very experienced designer but want to earn more money as a freelancer, you can try Coroflot.

They have an active job listing that they feature on the site. of them are high paying jobs with nice bonuses in huge companies.

Coroflot also sets the connections between the freelance and the clients.

Join Coroflot


The platform help designers and developers connect with clients and great companies.

They have a great job board list although the way the website is built, you would have to sort through the postings yourself before you see a job that suits your skills.

They are also events that you can attend. This events can help you connect with other freelancers and potential clients.

You can subscribe to become a member for as little as $5/month and get perks like webinars, conferences, Smashing e-books, access to Smashing TV and many more.

Click to join Smashing Magazine


This platform is for designers and the categories ranges from custom logos, names, print and web design, product design, packaging design and much more.

The platform is free to freelancers and it is very easy to sign up.

Join CrowdSpring


This platform was created by two renowned creatives in 2012. This platform is for the best creatives in the freelance market.

A small percentage of freelancers who apply into their program gets accepted. If you are accepted, you can comfortably earn a six figure income monthly. You would get to work with renowned companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google who are looking for designers, photographers to work for them.

You won’t be able to see their job board until you are accepted in the working not working platform.

Join Working Not Working.


This job board is made predominantly for job postings related to Joomla, Drupla, WordPress, Vbulletin and much more.

Some tasks on the site might be very easy and won’t take any time while a few of them can be very complex.

Check out Joomlancers

  1. GUN.IO

This platform is for freelance engineers and software developers. Before you can join the platform you would be triple-vetted as they only accept the best of the best.

To work on this platform, you would have to be a professional in whatever field you want to freelance in.

Check out


This platform finds jobs for freelancers that are specialized in anything wordpress related.

The category include wordpress plugins, site optimization, wordpress development, google ads placement, front end/backend developer and many more.

Check out WordPress Jobs


This platform is similar to wordpress jobs. They help you find freelance jobs that has to do with WordPress. Occasionally you can also find blogging and site management opportunities on their job board.

Join WPHired


This platform is contest based.

When a freelance contest is launched, freelancers would begin to upload this ideas for the project.

After the creatives have submitted their projects for the contest, the clients chooses the one they like best.

The freelancer that gets chosen, get paid for their work

Join SquadHelp


This is one of the best design crowdsource marketplace available. They use contest also to choose freelancers to work with.  Any freelancers that wins the contest gets paid the predetermined fee.

Join DesignHill.

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As the name implies, this is a specialized marketplace where people look for freelancer who are skilled in programming, UI, UX and design – be it web, mobile desktop or machines.

If you are skilled in any of the above, you should check the out this freelance jobs website.

Join Rent-a-coder.


Freelance jobs websites

This platform is very broad and deals with almost everything tech. Different type of tech freelancers can apply for jobs on this platform ranging from developers, Machine learning experts and data scientists.

If you have a particular niche that you are an expert in, you should try out this platform.

Check out 10X Management


This platform is also for tech freelancers. You should know though that their screening process is quite difficult. They make use of AI to match their freelancer to suitable projects. The process is cool but can be tough for you to get accepted.

If you are certain of your skills, you can check out the platform.

Check out Gigster.


If you don’t have enough experience to get high paying jobs, this website can serve as a platform to improve your skills.

You would find all the necessities you would need to build your portfolio. Things like building a digital resume and finding suitable clients even for your level of experience.

Join Talent Cupboard.


This is a hub for world-class WordPress developers. If you are skilled in WordPress designs, themes or plugins, you should check out Codeable.

There are literally a platform that helps clients find WordPress experts.  Joining this site would help you find clients a lot easier. You can earn a rate of $70-$120/hr. on this site.

Join Codeable


The platform is for freelancers that would be involved in creating a website from the beginning to finish. This would include the programmers, designers and developers. The job board is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Join Programmer Meet Designer


This platform is perfect for experienced software developers. You get paired to remote contracts and freelance jobs whenever a client request for your skill sets.

Even though the website is for freelancers, you can get long term projects that pay really well. You can get jobs as a contractor in an IT consulting/Software Company. Before you can join the platform, you are thoroughly vetted and then verified.

Join YouTeam.



Airbnb employs photographers to visit homes to go to homes and photograph them. These photographs are what is used as “verified” photos on the website. All you have to do is to check the career area on their website and see if they are hiring photographers.

Join Airbnb.


Freelance jobs websites

This is good for freelancers who are interested in travel photography. You can take photographs of tourist, scenic views and even ice cream machines.

Join Cruise Ship Jobs.


This is a subset of the much bigger website Creative Jobs Central. On this platform, you would get job listings & newsletters on photography jobs and career job opportunities.

When you subscribe to their newsletter, you would get a free E-book titled – “How to get a job in the field of your dreams”.

They offer a premium membership that would cost you some money, but you would get a lot in return. They add over a thousand job postings on their site regularly and you can be guaranteed that you would find a job that is available in your area.

The premium plan serves to weed out inexperienced freelancers, reduce competition and ensure that only serious people use the platform. You can join the website for free and see what they have to offer you before you apply for the premium membership.

Join Photography Jobs Central


Photography job finder

If you are looking for job opportunities as a freelance photographer, this is the right platform for you. Their job board is very in-depth and you can apply for the photography jobs posted. You can also upload your resume to the platform so that clients can find you easily.

Join Photography Jobs Finder


This platform is a different photography freelance marketplace from the others above. This is a marketplace where you upload your photos, and not look for jobs. You have a ton of photos on your hard drive that you want to get rid of, just upload them into the platform. You might be lucky enough to get a buyer.

Check out Photography Jobs Online


This platform contains a collection of job board posting from all over the internet. Reason why the website is fantastic is that they curate each job postings individually to ensure that they are legit. You wouldn’t have to worry about meeting fraudulent clients.

Check out Photography Jobs Online.


Freelance jobs websites get photography jobs.

This is a curated list/searchable database of all the freelance photography jobs in the US based on state.

Check out Get Photography Jobs


Freelance jobs websites t creative loft

This is very similar to get photography jobs. It is also a searchable database of photography jobs in the US. The platform also have categories which includes weddings, travel, studio, portrait, technical photography and a lots more. If you want to search through the database easily, use the keyword “freelance”.

Check out The Creative Loft


  1. BELAY

Freelance jobs websites for virtual assistant

Belay Solutions is a platform that help you find those jobs that you did not even know existed. You can find part-time and full-time jobs on the platform that lets you work from anywhere.

If you are a young professional looking for the right fit and flexibility, you should check them out. They have clients for you, It doesn’t matter if you’re a Virtual Assistants, Bookkeeper, or Web Specialist. And since they are remote jobs, it makes life really easy for you.

Check out Belay


Freelance jobs websites clickworker

This is a site where you are paid to do a variety of virtual assisting related tasks. These tasks can be anything from data entry, bookkeeping, writing and editing, researching and much more.

Before you can get access to their job boards, you would have to take a quick assessment test. A ton of companies post to the platform looking for experts, even some big companies like PayPal. Clickworker is a good place to kick start a VA career fast.

Join Clickworker


Freelance jobs websites VA networking

This platform offers a lot of perks especially for virtual assistants that are just starting out. Some of these perks include:

  • For Virtual Assistants on a budget, you would get free resources to help you get your first client.
  • If you are a seasoned Virtual Assistant, you would be offered coaching and training programs that would help you earn more money.

They also have a great job board that you can use in searching for job opportunities on the platform

Join VA Networking


Freelance jobs websites freelance match

Whether you want to work from home, just got laid off recently, wanting to reenter the workforce, or looking for part time income, this platform would be great for you.

Assistant Match supports virtual assistants in a couple of ways:

  • They have a quick start self-study program that would help you become a successful virtual assistant.
  • They offer time assignments to virtual assistants.

The minimum requirements needed before you can join the platform includes a computer, dedicated phone line, high speed internet, MS office, daily file backup, email, pass a compulsory criminal background check.

If you pass all the requirements above, you should check them out.

Join Assistant Match


Freelance jobs websites in 2019

If you are looking for full time work but also want to work remotely, Zirtual is a good platform for you. Currently, they are only looking for US based applicants and would only accept applications for the positions that is located in the career section of their page.

They also offer a ton of benefits for their employees which is really great as you hardly find this in the world of freelance.

Join Zirtual


Freelance jobs websites in 2019

Formerly known as Worldwide101. This service matches virtual assistants with clients. The platform is more premium that the others in this list. If you have experience in a particular field or you have special skills (like speaking another language), you should try out this platform.

The clients on the platform also pay higher than the other ones you would find on this list. The work is also more regular.

Join Boldly.


  1. MANDY

This website is dedicated completely to film and TV production. The good thing is that you wouldn’t have to sort through a mountain of job listings before you find what you are looking for. The downside is that you would be facing a ton of competition.

Ensure that your portfolio is enticing. Your application has to be perfect so that you can stand out.

Join Mandy


The platforms help freelancers find jobs that are related to film and video production. You just have to go through their job board to see full and part time jobs that interest you. There are also contract jobs on the platform.

In their resources section, you would see events, gears for sale and casting notices that can be of useful to you.

Join Production Hub

  1. STAGE 32

On this platform, you would find entertainment work within the Film, TV and Theater industry from all over the world. Their job boards contains filters like location, position, time of job postings that make it easy for you to find suitable jobs.

Join Stage 32


This network curates jobs for directors, copywriters, editors, motion artists and more. If you get accepted into the platform, you would get to work with big brands like Google and Apple. Note though that their screening process would be very strict before you can be accepted in the network.

Join Assemble.TV



You can earn up to $37-$65K on freelance sales jobs on this platform. They have a number of high quality freelance sales jobs that you can do either part-time or full time. You earn your payment through a combination of your salary and commission on sales.

Join ZipRecruiter

  1. RED HAT

This company work with big clients. They then employ freelancers to assist their clients with sales and also software development. If you have a lot experience in any of the two skills I mentioned, you should try them.

Join Red Hat


This platform has an app exchange job board that clients who require freelancers or remote salespeople would post their hiring needs. If you see a particular job you are interested in, you can then apply.

Salesforce app exchange job board is also the leading CRM (Customer relationship management) tool for companies of different sizes.

Join Salesforce App Exchange


This platform also has a job board where a good number of remote sales jobs are posted. The positions available ranges from selling software, health products, insurance, medical equipment and lots more.

Join Skip the DriveJoin Skip the Drive



The app connects local freelancers to clients who require their services just for about anything. It can range from babysitting, walking a dog, plumbing and even bookkeeping.

Join TaskRabbit

  1. UBER

If you have a car, you can sign up to the Uber app and get approved as one of their drivers. You can earn additional income by driving people around.

Join Uber

  1. LYFT

This is also another ride sharing app that is similar to Uber. They are also one of Uber’s largest competitor in the transport market. You can choose sign up to their app instead.

Join Lyft


This platform assists freelancers in finding freelancers in their location. This website is supposed to work worldwide although it is still in its early stages. Currently there are over 25,000 local freelancers on the platform.

Join LocalSolo


This is a freelance/digital nomad directory that contains listings and contacts to assist companies find freelancers. The jobs are organized by locations and designed to show up results that bring up jobs in your time zone and people who speak your language.

It is a platform for both local and international crowdsourcing. The platform doesn’t collect any commissions.

Join Localancers.

  1. BARK

This platform helps freelancers find jobs locally. It can be any kind of jobs: photography, accounting, car repairs and many more. It helps clients find people close to them that can help them with whatever work they need done.

Join Bark


This platform is a service that helps companies add to staffing whether it is temporary or on contract. There is a huge variety of categories you can work from. These includes: Warehouse operations, General labor, Delivery drivers, Food production, Event staffing, Washing and cleaning, Administrative and Merchandising.

Check out Wonolo


This platform helps companies and individuals find freelancers in Australia and New Zealand. They offer a lot of freelancing opportunities so if you live in any of these locations, you should check them out.

Join Ozlance



This is a platform that has a job board that offers a list of customer support opportunities for freelance work, full time, part time and internship opportunities. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get curated alerts right in your inbox. They also have a slack chat were you can join to relate with other freelancers.

Join Support Driven




This platform helps connect women in tech to amazing job opportunities. This can be in an office or remote work. They also offer free career training to women.

Join Powerfly


This platform is the leading job board for designers, developers, and creative pro. There are both full time and part time opportunities on the site. You can also subscribe to receive job alerts and determine the frequency of alerts you also receive.

Join Authentic Jobs


This is the most popular job board where employers use to find tech freelancers. The opportunities for job can be remote positions or location based.

Check out Stack Overflow.

  1. DICE

On this platform, you would be able to search for over 75,057 tech jobs today. It uses location based technology to help you find jobs that are close to you. You can also opt for custom job notifications, access quick apply options and create personalized salary estimates.

Register with Dice


This platform would help you find freelance and consulting jobs in the IT world. There are also zero commission fees. All you have to do is create your profile and get connected to clients worldwide.

Join Freelancer map

Looking for more ideas on how to make money? Check out my list of 70 legal ways to make money into 2019.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article? Which of the following freelance websites would you try out?

Leave your thoughts in comment section.

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Freelance jobs websites in 2019

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