A professional invoice design would differentiate your brand from your competition.

Even though the purpose of an invoice is to relay information, there is nothing stopping you from doing it in style. It is important that you add some personality and branding to your invoices. This would leave a good impression on your clients. People appreciate great packaging, and what other way can you do this than having a branded invoice.

In this article, we would be checking out 41  professional invoice designs and templates that would help you stand out today.

If you already have an old template, you can find inspiration from this list of invoice templates and upgrade yours.

Let’s dive in.

41 Professional Invoice Designs & Templates

1. Pascale Dufore

Professional invoice design

If you are looking for a design that is bright and playful, then this design by Pascale is great for your brand.  It is very cheerful and cool on the eyes. The color choices also ensures that you do not miss important aspects of the document. If you want something playful but also passes the message, then you should try this one.

2. Blue Service Invoice

One thing that makes this invoice stand out, is the color. The blue is so cool and soothing. The invoice is straight forward and doesn’t have any clutter. It includes important information like a description of each job done and how much it would cost the client.

3. Fabio Basile

This double-sided invoice is very cool and gives your brand some personality. It is very different from the standard invoice designs that you would find out there, and clients would definitely love it. Its handcrafted design on one side says “we are fun to work with”, and the other side says let’s get down to business.

4. Front and Center

This professional invoice design was created by Ari Krzyzek. The design makes use of two colors that perfectly contrast each other – red and black. The prices are written in red that makes it pop in relation to the rest of the text written in black. You can download hers directly, or you can use it as a template to create yours.

5. JPW Templates

This invoice is more specific and focuses on a particular type of service. The service example used in the sample image above is photography.

This invoice is perfect for individuals who work in photography, graphic design, interior design, etc. You can use the header to show a sample of your best work so as to make you look more professional to the client. The header is perfect to highlight your work.

You can even use a design that you did for the specific client to personalize the invoice further.

6. Classic Designs

This classic design goes straight to the point and doesn’t leave any room for mistakes. It highlights the most important details like contact information, item description, quantity purchased, payment information, etc. The color choices of red and black also allows key information to stand out.

7. Bold Stationery

Professional invoice designs

This design is minimalistic and free of fancy colors but still looks cool and professional. The invoice design separates the information into two parts. One part contains the contact information, while the other side has the payment information.

This sample is great for establishments that are more traditional.

8. Novomatic

If you love yellow, you would love this invoice template. The design uses different shades of yellow to divide the various information on the invoice. At the footer, you can also add your social media handles that clients can use in locating you easily.

9. Yellow Minimalist

This is another invoice that lovers of yellow would enjoy. Yellow is a vibrant and friendly color that your clients would really appreciate. The vibrant yellow color also ensures that your invoice isn’t lost easily in a pile of other documents. The total price is also highlighted in big dark fonts, which is great also.

10. Victory

Instead of your company name or logo being the first thing that the client sees, this invoice gives priority to the reason the document was created. At the top of the document, you would see “INVOICE” listed at the top right-hand corner.

If the service you rendered to the client also spanned a considerable duration of time, you can list a description of each of the service along with their prices in the midsection of the invoice.

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11. Soft Banner

If you want your clients to always keep you at the back of their mind, then you need a memorable invoice. What other way can you do this than by using a colorful invoice like soft banners’. What pops most in this invoice is the price that is written inside a soft green banner.

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12. Estimate and Invoice Template

This invoice template features a professional and neatly designed look. It is very modern and makes your company look organized and well prepared. You can edit details from this template easily using Adobe or Microsoft Word.

13. Invoice Template Word

Professional invoice design templates

If you are more comfortable with using Microsoft Word, then this template design is great for you. It is a simple template design complimented with beautiful green tones to make information pop. For better branding, you can add your brand logo to top left corner.

14. Professional Invoice Template

This design is both bold and exciting. It makes use of both dark and light colors in a way that is both daring and minimalistic. You can download the file easily and is easily editable in few clicks. The template is also available in both A4 and US letter sizes.

15. Project Estimation Template

The design is cool and features a background image that makes the invoice stand out. The print design is also great, and you can write the project estimation in great fonts and colors. It is also A4 and US letter sizes.

15. Invoice Template

This next template is all about increasing efficiency. The design of the template is clean, minimalistic and offers you a cool design for your billings. It has three color options that are cool and client-friendly.

17. Invoice Template Excel

If you prefer to use Microsoft Excel in your business, then this design is perfect for you. It is a very functional template and is also very easy to download. It comes in 10 different colors and multiple download formats that you can choose from.

18. Estimation Invoice Template

This invoice comes with a cool pattern at the edges of the document that makes it look trendy. You can also customize the colors and edit the vector elements in the document.

19. Fashion Invoice Statement

If you are running a fashion-related business, then this professional invoice design is the best for your business. The invoice is created using Adobe InDesign and features a number of free fonts and icons.

20. MS Word & Excel Invoice Template

This invoice template is professional-looking, and would definitely give your brand an edge. It offers a corporate design that is sleek and presentable. You can download it either as Microsoft Word or Excel, depending on your preference.

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21. DesignNat

This template allows you to incorporate your brand’s colors into the invoice. This invoice is great for creatives and freelancers. You can easily edit and change the colors after downloading it.

22. Project Brief

Professional invoice design template

Looking for a great design to help your invoice stand out, then you should check out Project Brief. One of the selling points of this invoice it’s how organized it looks. You can easily edit it using Adobe Illustrator and it comes with PDF and Microsoft Word previews.

23. Creative Pink Invoice Template

Do you want to add some creativity and chic to your billings? This creative pink template gives you that professional and sassy look all in one. It’s great for female-run businesses.

24. Invoice Template

If you work with Adobe InDesign, then you should check out this template. It is available in two different print sizes and can be used for both commercial and personal uses. It also comes with a file that helps you get started easily.

25. Project Brief Estimation Invoice

This next invoice is a multi-purpose document that contains a brief, project details, estimation invoice and much more. The vector layers are fully layered and can be easily edited in Adobe Illustrator. So as not to run into any troubles, it is best to use Adobe CS4 and above.

26. Invoice Template 04

This next invoice comes with a design that is very aesthetic and cool. You can use it for any kind of billing whether it is corporate, fashion or freelance invoices. You can also use your brand’s colors instead.

27. Baselime Invoice

This invoice comes with a very creative design and shows your company name is large beautiful fonts. You can also add your company logo at the bottom for a more professional and distinct look.

28. Kevin Luong

Looking for something fun and creative? Then this invoice by Kevin Luong is made just for you. The font shows great colors along with playful drawings to get the attention of your client.

29. Jonathan Shackleton

This template comes with a very cool and sleek design. It has a tiny border that gives the invoice some personality. The color is clean and minimalistic and doesn’t take away the attention of the client from the billing.

30. Breanna Rose

This is a cool invoice that features your company logo and name at the top left-hand corner. The yellow and white color gives off a nice contrast and the total amount paid is shown in bold letters. A unique aspect of the invoice is a thank you letter that is at the footer of the invoice.

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31. Green Energy

This design is both creative and efficient. The topic statement of the invoice is written in cool color bars at the top of the invoice. The bars in the document differentiate the different parts of the document and makes it easy to go through.

32. Two Lands Creative Invoice

This is a cool invoice that comes in amazing blue and white colors. Your brand logo is situated at the top corner of the page, and the invoice prices and description is shown in a cool blue bar at the center of the page.

33. Juhi Chitra

This is a great invoice design that comes with amazing fonts, minimalistic design, and great colors. All details have adequate spacing so that no important point is missed.

34.  La Tortilleria

If you are looking for a design that is minimal and goes straight to the point, then you should check this out.

35. Multipurpose Invoice Template

No matter the kind of business you are running, this invoice would suit your needs. All the important invoice figures can be kept in one file and can be easily downloaded in a convenient MS Word version.

36. Corporate Invoice Template

Looking for something that says corporate and at the same time stylish? Then you should check out this invoice. It comes with free fonts and vector elements that you can adjust easily.

37. Professional Receipt Template

This professional invoice design would make any client remember your brand easily. The template is beautifully decorated, and your logo is also featured at the top left corner of the document. It is also available to download in A4 sizes.

38. Invoice Template – Green

Invoice template samples

If you want to take it a step further, you can decide to have a business stationery. It comes as a smart Excel file that you can easily input figures and details. For further design, you can plug it into Photoshop.

39. Gstudio Clean Invoice Templates

Use this clean and functional design to do your business billing. If you don’t like the custom color it came with, you can easily change it to suit your preference.

40. Proposal Contract & Invoice Template

There are times when you would have a large project that would require a proposal and invoice. You can increase efficiency and productivity by using this all in one proposal contract and invoice template. It comes with 10 extra pages depending on how long the proposal would be, and also in different formats.

41. 4 Color Invoice Template

This is a creative and minimalistic design that features your contact information on the right and the invoice details on the left and center. It also features great colors that make the document pop. It is print-ready and can be downloaded in high resolution.

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How to create your own professional invoice.

If you want to create your own invoice, you can do this easily by making use of Hubspot’s free invoice template generator. The invoices can be downloaded easily in a PDF button in just a few steps.

  1. You can access the template generator easily by clicking this page.
  2. You would see a dotted square on the top right-hand corner that you would use to upload your logo image file. You can also do this easily using the drag and drop tool.
  3. To change the color of the template, use the circular wrench/paintbrush icon.
  4. Designing each individual detail of the template is simple. Just hover over each of the individual details with your cursor to make edits.
  5. You can also head over to the “Add more” section to add more rows if you are billing multiple clients.
  6. After you are done creating your invoice, you can click the “Download Now” button to download your invoice as a PDF file.

You can use any of the amazing templates above to create professionally designed invoices.

Do you have any other cool invoices that you think should be added to the list? Leave them in the comments.

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