The production of interactive content has already consolidated itself as one of the most efficient practices in a Digital Marketing strategy.

The idea is to stimulate interactivity in the buyer persona experience to increase the engagement rate, educate the lead, and boost the conversion rates.

Interactive Marketing’s efficiency is so extensive that, little by little, static content is losing space.

The reasons are many: Demand Metrics surveyed marketing professionals and found that 96% of them believe that interactivity is an element that impacts the consumer journey.

Other than that, 90% of respondents believe that interactive content is effective in educating customers.

So, if your company does not yet produce this kind of material, you are wasting valuable time. 

But don’t worry! 

With the use of the best interactive content tools, you can create several pieces that will leverage your strategy.

In this post, we will show the 7 best tools. Enjoy your reading!

1. Ion Interactive

Ion Interactive is one of the most complete tools for producing interactive content.

With a wide selection of templates and pre-fabricated content, the platform allows you to develop and publish your piece in less than 60 minutes.

If you prefer to start from scratch, no problem. Ion Interactive provides resources for you to explore your creativity and produce materials that reflect your brand’s identity.

No advanced design or programming skills are required. In addition to connecting its users with qualified professionals, Ion offers customized training according to your skillset, your goals, and the resources you have at your disposal.

Besides, the tool is extremely intuitive and offers ongoing support and guidance. The data collection functionality allows for the generation of reports.

These will help you optimize your strategy and produce content that is increasingly qualified and suitable for the buyer persona.

Among the content formats that can be created on the platform, are:

  • calculators;
  • quizzes;
  • white papers;
  • videos;
  • infographics;
  • landing pages.
Interactive content tools

Ion offers 4 plans: Basic, Pro, Expert, and Enterprise. To learn about the prices, you can contact an Ion expert. 


Another interactive content tool option is, which has a very user-friendly interface, enabling you to create your content from actions as simple as drag & drop. This means that no coding or high-tech skills are necessary.

Like Ion, this tool offers a myriad of templates that can be completely edited to suit your brand’s visual identity. You can also start with a blank project and build every element of your material, step by step.

Another interesting feature of the platform is the creation of content that can be accessed on any screen size. 

You can configure the background, brightness, and other elements of the page in order to offer mobile-friendly experiences.

If your company is short on budget, you may use completely free. However, to use all the features offered by the platform, you must subscribe to one of the paid plans, which are:

  • Starter plan: $19/mo;
  • Professional plan: $69/mo;
  • Business plan: $159/mo.

3. Contentools

If you already work with Content Marketing, you’ve probably heard of Contentools. It is one of the most popular tools in the industry, widely used for the production of static content. Now, it is also possible to invest in interactivity.

More than a content production tool, this is a solution for planning and strategy analysis. 

In one place, you can schedule tasks, set plans, and streamline collaboration. In this way, you unify your digital strategy and ensure better results.

When it comes to interactive content production, the platform has a very easy to use interface. This, in addition to integration with over 1000 apps, allows you to plan, develop, and promote your content with remarkable ease.

Contentools offers a free demo plan. If you feel satisfied, you can contact the company to subscribe to a paid plan and access all its features.

4. MapMe

Interactive maps are features that can add a lot of value to the user experience. 

MapMe best interactive content tools

Still relatively unexplored by most companies, they can create the differential your brand needs to stand out in the market. That’s MapMe’s specialty.

With this platform, you can create interactive, 3D maps with high engagement potential. You can insert videos and images to represent the locations pointed out on the map and make the experience more fun and accurate for the user.

In addition, MapMe allows your customers to add locations to the maps you’ve created, more or less as it happens on Google Maps. This way, besides offering an extremely interactive journey, you also stimulate the organic creation of user-generated content.

MapMe offers three plans, which are:

  • Story plan: $24/mo;
  • Pro plan: $49/mo;
  • Pro+ plan: $99/mo.

5. Calculoid

Another very interesting content format is an interactive calculator. 

Applied in different phases of the marketing funnel, this feature is excellent, for example, to help your lead understand your solutions’ value.

Want an example? An ROI calculator could be what the customer needs to decide that buying from you is worth it. 


Similarly, a calculator that shows the expenses of a business can be applied at the top of the funnel to help the lead recognize their own problem.

Calculoid is a tool specialized in creating this type of material. The platform allows the development of interactive calculators from templates that can be easily edited. Thus, you can create pieces with the necessary features to leverage your strategy.

Besides facilitating the creation and maintenance of the calculators, Calculoid allows payments, becoming an excellent e-commerce solution.

You can use the features of the tool for 30 days without paying anything. After that, you must choose between one of the following plans:

  • Lead generation plan: $19/mo;
  • High traffic & e-commerce plan: $39/mo;
  • Agency plan: from $99/mo.

6. Leadquizzes

Specialized in creating quizzes and surveys, Leadquizzes promises to help your company capture up to 500% more leads from your website and ad campaigns.


It’s a platform specially developed for Digital Marketers, which results in an interface so simple to use that it eliminates the need to hire a developer. There are over 75 editable templates for you to make your quizzes much more attractive to the public.

The result is a much higher interaction rate, which automatically generates valuable data for your business. 

Quizzes and surveys can be configured in several ways, allowing you to create highly customized experiences for your persona’s characteristics.

Besides, the design is very flexible. You can modify font size, background, colors, and much more. 

The tool can also become an ally in increasing the traffic to your website. From a simple configuration, you can direct users who complete the quiz to a specific URL.

Leadquizzes offers annual and monthly plans, plus a 14-day free trial period. If you choose the annual option, you will save an average of $1104 per year. Check out the price of the annual plans:

  • Standard Plan: $37/mo;
  • Pro Plan: $74/mo;
  • Premium plan: $186/mo.


Guides are extremely important components of any Content Marketing strategy. 

They allow the creation of in-depth and extremely valuable experiences for the reader, contributing to increasing the authority of your brand. 

Now, imagine creating interactive guides!

This is the proposal of, a tool designed to optimize the experience of guide readers. You can use the content you have already created and re-purpose it to increase interactivity.

How? The tool allows you to add images, videos, files, and other resources to make it easier for the reader to understand the material.

Besides making the experience richer, makes it easier for users to navigate the page. Instead of an extensive article, your guide can be divided into different pages. So, when the reader wants to move on, they just need to click on “next page”.

What draws the most attention on the platform is the encouragement for the guides’ readers to participate in the experience itself actively. They can leave comments on the content, ask questions, and even interact with other users. has as one of its principles the idea that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. Based on this, it offers a free plan for individuals and teams. For more complex projects, however, it is good to choose from the following paid plans:

  • HUB+: $79/mo;
  • HUBe: $1,000/mo.

Now that you know the best interactive content tools available, you can optimize your Digital Marketing strategy. Interactive content is increasingly dominant in the digital environment and, by using it, you will achieve better results on all fronts of your strategy.

One of the many benefits of interactive content is the ability to attract the buyer persona’s attention. How about learning more about it? In this text, we tell you how you can use Interactive Marketing to increase your click-through rate. Check it out!

Which of these interactive content tools will you be trying out?

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