One of the biggest problems that most beginner bloggers face is finding ways they can make money from their blog.

A lot of us would prefer to earn money online doing what we love. The biggest advantage of having a blog is that you can work from anywhere in the world while earning enough to live comfortably.

Ways blogger make money online

In this article, I would should your 15 ways a blogger can make money online in 2020.

Note: None of the steps that would be shown in this article would make you rich overnight. If you are looking for get rich quick schemes, then this article is not for you. The steps in this guide would require substantial effort and hard work from you.

There are a ton articles that teaches how to “make money online”, but this guide is strictly for bloggers who are looking for ways to make money legitimately from their websites.

If you are not a blogger yet and still making your research, you should out this extensive easy to follow guide on how to start a successful blog as a beginner in 2019. In this guide, you would find everything you would need to know about starting a successful blog – from design, content marketing strategy, promotion etc.

After you have set up your blog using the tips in that article, you can then follow the tips that you would read in this guide.

1. Make Money Online Using Affiliate Marketing

Ways blogger make money online affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing?

This is a monetization method where you recommend a product or service to your audience. You would then embed a special tracking link in your articles and when your readers makes a purchase after clicking your link, you would get a commission.

You can promote a products or service as an affiliate partner or you can decide to join an affiliate program. No matter the niche that you write for, there is an affiliate program available.

The best way to start affiliate marketing on your blog is by recommending the products that you already use yourself and are sure of their value. Do not promote any product that you are not sure of their value and usefulness to your audience. Recommending bad products would only reduce the trust factor for your blog and lose your readers/subscribers.

I personally recommend Bluehost and WordPress if you are thinking of starting your own blog. I have been using them for a couple of years and my experience with them has been fantastic.

Some of the most popular affiliate platforms that you can check out:

To give your readers the best experience, I recommend that you use a Plugin to manage your affiliate links. A good option is PrettyLinks.

PrettyLinks allows you to insert links into your blog posts, auto-replace keywords in links, create links for your brands and observe the performance of the links on your site.

Even as a beginner, affiliate marketing is the easiest way you can make money on your blog. You can promote products and services for companies easily. Almost every big brand has an affiliate program, so you can check them out and get started today.

2. Make Money From Google Adsense

Ways blogger make money online Google Adsense

To make money from Google Adsense, all you have to do is add a script from Google on your websites and ads would be displayed on your site.

Whenever a users clicks on any of these Google ads on your sites, you would receive a commission. These kind of ads are called CPC ads.

What does CPC mean? CPC means “cost per click”. This means that for every ad you place on your blog, whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, you get paid a set fee.

There is another kind of ad called CPM. You are paid for ad views instead of clicks in this type. CPM means “cost per thousand impressions”. The M in the acronym is the roman numeral for 1000.

If you are just starting out, Google Adsense is a good first step to start earning money online.

3. Sell Ads Directly Using an Advertising Plugin on WordPress

Advertising plugin

If you look at thezeroed, you would not find any Google Adsense ads displayed. I used them for a while, but i realized that the amount of money I could earn was limited and the ads also slowed down my site.

As an alternative to Adsense, you can sell banner ads directly on your website. Your earning potential also increases because you are in charge of negotiating the price of placing the ads on your site instead of a middle man.

Unlike CPM and CPC where you would have to track views on clicks, you can just a charge a flat fee rate for the banner ads that would be displayed on your site. Charging a flat free makes it easier for you to track your income and concentrate your efforts into growing your blog.

Note: Selling ads directly on your sites would involve more work than Google Adsense. You would be in charge of all aspects of the process that Adsense would have taken care of for you. This includes negotiating prices, invoicing and coming up with agreement and terms.

This process can be made easier if you make use of an ad management plugin. This plugins would help manage both Google Adsense as well your personal ads. I recommend using AdSanity.

4. Make Money Selling Sponsored Posts

When you make use of automatic ad networks, you lose control of the kind of ad content that would be displayed on your site. Some ad networks might display ads that your audience might find offensive.

Many browsers have also installed ad blockers. If half of your audience are making use of ad blockers, that means half of your earning potential goes down the drain.

An alternative way a blogger can make money online is by selling sponsorsed posts.

The same way sponsorships work in sports or TV shows is the same way it would work in a blog. You get paid by a company to represent their product. You get to promote this products to your readers and get paid a fee. You can get paid weekly or monthly depending on the set terms and agreement.

The best way to get started is by creating a page on your blog that displays important statistics like traffic, social media following, demographic and any other stats that could entice advertisers to want to publish on your site. After you have taken care of all of these, you can then approach companies to negotiate sponsorship deals.

Before you start selling sponsored posts, it is important that you know the disclosure laws in your area. Most times, this would include you disclosing whenever a post is sponsored. In US, when a blogger publishes a sponsored post, they have to comply with FTC endorsement guides.

It wouldn’t take you up to 5 minutes to register your new domain name with Bluehost and get the most reliable and affordable blog hosting for your website. I have used them for a very long time without any difficulties or hurdles. You would also get 65% when you register with the link below. 

5. Get Paid to Write Reviews

Ways blogger make money online get paid to write reviews

This is similar to a sponsored posts, but in this case you would be writing paid reviews on your blog.

As a reviewer, you get to try out a product for free and then you write a review on that product.

It is important that you review only products that are relevant to your niche.  You would lose your audience if you are reviewing an oven on a finance blog.

You can either search for companies that would pay you to do reviews on your own or you can make use of a service like PayPerPosts.

6. Make Money Flipping Websites

Make money online flipping websites

If you have already learnt how to build a WordPress site, then this step should come to you easily. Instead of building a website from scratch, some businesses and individuals prefer to buy an established websites.

If you can build a WordPress blog and generate substantial amount of traffic, you can sell it for a good sum of money.

You can use a platform like Flippa to auction the websites that you have created.

7. Create Restricted Content For Members Only

Create restricted content for members

A good way to make money as a blogger is to create special content for loyal readers.  This restricted content would be only available to readers who subscribe.

You can create a special member area that you would upload in-depth articles, audio posts, videos, resources that would not be available to everybody on your blog.

Creating a membership site means that you would have to put in more work. You need to continually create premium content for your paying members. The significant advantage is that these subscriptions would be a means of recurring revenue.

There are WordPress plugins that would allow you to create Membership sites easily. A good plugin to check out is MemberPress.

8. Create a Private Forum

This is also a form of membership site. You can create a private forum on your site that your readers would have to pay for before they can get access to.

The benefits of having a forum is that your readers can have a one on one conversation with you and also  interact with others in your community.

Moderating a forum might be a bit stressful, but the recurring revenue that you would get from it could make it worth it.

9. Sell E-books on Your Blog

E-books are the easiest and fastest to make digital products that you can sell on your blog. They are easy to write and develop. A neat trick for long time bloggers is turning some of your old blog posts into chapters of your e-books.

You can use an amazing design tool like Canva to create the cover page of your eBook.

You can easily sell digital products on your website using eCommerce WordPress plugins.

10. Sell Online Courses

Another good way to earn money online as a blogger is by selling your online course. Online courses also sell for a much higher price than e-books.

You would need to put in a lot of effort in creating a premium online course. Along with the course, you can add support materials like templates, slides,  checklist and video tutorials.

You can also create two versions for your online courses. A basic version and a premium version. The premium version would have email support and the basic version would be without support.

Once you are done creating your courses, you can make use of WordPress learning management plugins to get it online on your blog.

11. Host a Paid Webinar

Hosting a webinar is similar to having an online course. The key difference is that it happens live and would include a question and answer section.

If your blog is hosted on a platform like WordPress, it is very easy for create a webinar. You can either use your blog to host the webinar or just an advertisement for the webinars.

These are some of the best softwares to host a webinar.

12. Offer Freelance Services

You are probably an expert in whatever niche you are writing about. You can earn a lot of money selling your expertise as a freelancer.

The advantage of having a freelance service is that it requires minimal investments to get started. You do not need to go very far to find customers, you can start from your current audience.

Once you start freelancing, you would need to have a process through which you can create invoices and collect payments. There are several invoicing plugins that you can try out in WordPress.

13. Become a Consultant

Another way to make money from your blog is by becoming a consultant. As a consultant, you give advice and strategies to your clients so that they can plan effectively.

The same way you don’t need a lot of investment to get started as a freelancer, you also do not need a lot of money to get started as a consultant.  All you need to is to advertise your services to your immediately audience as a head start.

You can make your work easy by creating a form so that your users can ask you questions.

The best plugin to create a clean and mobile friendly form is WPForms.

14. Become a Coach

A coach is similar to a consultant. There are several kinds of coaches that you can choose from: life coach, blog coach, writing coach, health coach etc.

Depending on your niche and area of expertise, you can offer one on one coaching sessions to your audience.

To make things really convenient, save time and increase efficiency, you can set up a booking form so that your readers can create booking sessions directly from your blog.

15. Start an E-Commerce Business

You can start an E-commerce store on your website and sell your own products.

Using the WooCommerce plugin, you can easily create a shop for your blog.

Selling physical products involves a lot of work.  You can either decide to create your own product or find suitable alternatives for your audience from other entrepreneurs. You would also think about the logistics behind receiving payment and shipments of these products.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the ways a blogger can make money online in 2019. Which of them are you going to try out? Leave thought in comment.

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