THEZEREOD Disclaimer

A common question we often get asked is why do you offer everything for free? And it’s usually followed up with how do you make money?

So we’re creating this page to answer how thezeroed is funded, and Why it matters to you!


How Is THEZEROED Funded?

At THEZEROED, one of our core principles is being honest and transparent with our readers. That is the only way we build trust and strong community.

Running a website like the THEZEROED that helps thousands of users to improve their lives requires a lot of investment. Not only on the server infrastructure but also on creating useful and actionable content.

We aim at creating tutorials and courses that would help improve the quality of living of our readers with minimal effort on their part.

So yes, we have to make money otherwise we would have to shut the site down. Below are two primary sources that fund THEZEROED.

Our Products

We are in the process of creating several courses and products that would help you improve your lifestyle and grow your business.

When you purchase any of our products (Courses and books), it helps us fund THEZEROED.

We really appreciate everyone that support us by buying our products and services. Thank you.

Referral Fees

We would also earn a referral fee when you buy products or services from companies that we recommend.

Note that we would only recommend a product when we have tested it thoroughly and believe that it would be useful to our readers. All opinions on products are ours and we do not receive payment for giving positive reviews.

This method of monetization is called affiliate marketing. Most of your best sites use affiliate marketing to pay their bills.

What differentiate us from others is that we tell our readers how we make our money.